Star Struck until December 18th…


If you haven’t been down to the Clark yet to see our fall exhibition, Star Struck, you have until December 18th!

Four hundred years ago, Galileo Galilei discovered the telescope.  That is, using information he heard about a certain Hans Lippershey of the Netherlands creating an instrument to see objects at a distance and then using the information found in a confirming report, Galileo manufactured a tube of lead with two glass lenses and put his eye to it.  The International Year of Astronomy is being celebrated this year to honor the anniversary of the first use of a telescope to study our universe.  William Andrews Clark, Jr. was particularly interested in astronomy and astronomical history.  In 1917 he opened an observatory on the library grounds that featured a Brashear six-inch telescope, exhibition galleries, planetary models, and a geological library.  This exhibition brings together some of the highlights from the Clark Library’s collection of astronomical works.

For more information, to make an appointment to view the exhibition during normal library hours, please call (323)731-8529.


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