Items of the Week: Survivormanship and the Zamorano Club


The keepsake below is one of many printed for members of the Zamorano and Roxburghe Clubs — two Californian clubs of bibliophiles who hold joint biennial meetings alternating between Northern and Southern California.  Individuals well known to UCLA and the printing community have been and continue to be members, including Ward Ritchie, Lawrence Clark Powell, and H. Richard Archer.

The Zamorano Club is a Southern Californian organization for bibliophiles and manuscript collectors, founded in 1928. It is club tradition to present members with keepsakes at meetings, resulting in a variety of printed mementos which range from pamphlets to small books.

Members of the Zamorano Club, 1960s

Keepsakes from the biennial joint meetings included trip itineraries and other event ephemera, and often referenced inside jokes and California history and culture.

The cover of one such itinerary from September 1962

Members were treated to elaborate series of events planned for their amusement — during the September 1962 meeting, there were guided tours of the J. Paul Getty Museum and Walt Disney Studios led by none other than J. Paul Getty and Walt Disney themselves!

A page from the September 1962 itinerary, showing stops at J. Paul Getty's museum and Walt Disney Studios

The Clark Library has quite a few books printed for and by the Zamorano Club, in addition to archival collections containing materials related to the Club.  These archival materials are described in a finding aid available via the Online Archive of California.

Jamie Henricks


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