Item of the Week: The Landacres and Edendale


A lovely article by Hector Tobar on Paul and Margaret Landacre, and their neighborhood of Edendale appeared in the June 1 Los Angeles Times.  As many of you may know, the Clark holds the archive of Paul Landacre, considered one of the finest wood engravers of his time.  The collection includes correspondence, prints and original wood blocks — including the original block for 2506 El Moran, the 1932 wood engraving which inspired Tobar to write his LA Times article.  Sadly, we don’t own a print of the image, but we are still actively collecting Landacre material, so that could change.

A finding aid to the Landacre collection is available online.

The Clark staff is planning a field trip to take some pictures of the Landacre house and the neighborhood soon, which will of course be shared here.

above: 2506 El Moran woodblock, Box 35, Paul Landacre Collection, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA.

5 Responses to “Item of the Week: The Landacres and Edendale”

  1. Britta Says:

    Wow, it’s lovely to see that there are Landacre blocks preserved in a good home. Thank you for posting a high-resolution photo of this one; it’s interesting to look at it up close and try to learn about his technique for producing such a striking image. (I read about that print in the LA Times too, and I also wandered into this blog from today’s article about the library!)


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  4. stacy Says:

    I own a print from this block. I just acquired it and found your post when I Googled for information. I cant believe how popular this gentleman was. very interesting.


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