A Very Clark Wedding


This week, the Clark staff congratulates our own Manuscript & Archives Librarian, Rebecca Fenning, on her impending marriage.  She will be married this Saturday in a beautiful outdoor spot in Los Angeles.  As we daydream about how wonderful her day will be and the joys of marriage that lie ahead, we could not help but dig out several related items from the Clark collection to peruse on this very topic.

We’ve selected a few books of our books on marriage to show here, mainly the title page and a detail from one or two of the books.  They are quite entertaining!  Some of them are about the beauty and satisfaction of the institution, some are advice on how to keep your chin up while single, and one is even a directory to rich widowed women.

We wish Becky all the best, and know that her marriage will only be one of Happy Pairs and Loving Dialogues.  We cannot wait for her to return from her honeymoon with hundreds of photos of exotic, far-flung places.  Congratulations, Becky!!


One Response to “A Very Clark Wedding”

  1. Lew Says:

    Congratulations, Becky!


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