Item of the Week: Monarchy’s Unconquerable Champion


This week’s item of the week has been in the Clark’s collections since we purchased it in 1950, but we think you might like it.  It’s a manuscript second edition of George Wood’s Monarchy’s Unconquerable Champion, written by Wood in September 1685 (the full, very long title can be seen in the image of the title page below).

This version, as well as the printed version (also published in 1685) concern biblical support for monarchy — specifically that of James II.  This second edition varies from the published version in the fact that it does not contain just extracts of Bible verses, but also Wood’s commentary on these passages — written in verse.

It doesn’t appear that this version of Monarchy’s Unconquerable Champion was ever printed, but Wood has done an admirable job making this manuscript unique.  Many pages, such as a the title page, are written in an imitation of a printed title page, while others are written in a mix of calligraphic, engrossing hands.

George Wood.  Monarchy’s Unconquerable Champion.  MS.1950.031.  

William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA.


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