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UCLA Volunteer Day at the Clark

September 25, 2013

On Tuesday, the Clark was lucky to host a group of UCLA students who generously donated their free time for UCLA Volunteer Day.



Working with our groundkeeper, the students helped to weed flower beds, clean up plant debris, and beautify our outdoor space!  We hope that they had a great time visiting and helping the Clark, and will look forward to next year’s UCLA Volunteer Day!


Farquhar’s Vision: Original Plans for the Clark

September 13, 2013

photo 1

We recently had a request from another campus department for access to our collection of original plans (many of them drawn or prepared by architect Robert D. Farquhar) for the Library’s construction.  Most of the staff had never had the chance to see all of them, if any, and it was a great excuse to see how beautiful these renderings are.  The architects who wanted to consult them were impressed too, saying that no one ever makes such detailed or specific plans anymore.  From schematics for electricity and designs for the bookroom shelves, to drawings of all of the woodwork in the drawing room, our set of original plans and drawings is a treasure trove of information about this building and the process of constructing it.

photo 3

We will hopefully be able to soon share some digitized versions of the plans so that you can appreciate them for yourselves!  Until then, you are also welcome to visit and see them in person in our reading room.

photo 2